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In order to request a PLEX INVITE you need to have a Plex.tv Account.  Plex Accounts are Free, on your Phone or Personal Computer, go to http://plex.tv and click SIGN UP.  Create your Plex Account using the EXACT SAME email address you used to create your streaming account.  Once you create your account, you should log into your Account Settings and review your Plex Username.  Your Plex Username is not your email address, its a username assigned by Plex and its necessary to complete the Plex request form.


Once you have created your Plex.tv account and obtained your Plex Username, you need to complete the Plex Invite Form. All information on the form is required, inaccurate or incomplete forms won’t get processed and you will NOT get an alert informing you otherwise, its your responsibility to gather this information, confirm its correct and submit it.


There are two ways to accept a Plex invite.  1) Click ACCEPT on the Email sent to you from Plex information you you’ve been invited to join a shared Plex library.  Note : These emails often go to spam, or are hidden by email providers.  You can not be resent the email, its your responsibility to know how to thoroughly use your email and search your email and find the email if you want to use the email link.  However, the email is not necessary, because you can always use method two.  2) Plex invites, if correctly submitted, go out within 24 hours of form submission.  If you don’t see the Plex Invite Email within 48 hours after submission, log into your Plex.tv account (using the email address and password you created when you created the Plex.tv account); go to Account Settings, go to Library Access.  There, you will see any accepted or pending acceptance invites.  If you see a pending invite to a Plex Library accept it.


In order to use PLEX on your device, you’ll need to install the PLEX App on your device.  PLEX is available for free from Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, Samsung & LG TVs, “SmartCast” VIZIO TVs, Roku Tvs, many other Smart TVs manufacturers. It is available on APPLE TV, but they charge you to use the App.  Yes, Apple Sucks.  Once you have installed PLEX, you will need to LINK your device.


Once you have accepted the Invite, either via the email or via your Plex.tv account settings, and installed (or already have installed) PLEX, you must now LINK your PLEX account to the Plex App on each of your devices. You must go thru the LINKING process for each TV, Device, Phone or Tablet you want to LINK your account on.  Go your device, Launch PLEX, Click Sign-In; a 4 Digit LINK account code will appear, you need to input that code ON YOUR COMPUTER.  You can do it with a Phone also, its much, much harder; On a computer, you type http://plex.tv/link   (while logged in) and input the Code.  The Video Below shows you this process step-by-step.


The Plex App on your TV should flash and re-load presenting you all the content of your newly shared Library.  IF IT DOES NOT you might need to perform a full home network power cycle.  Relaunch PLEX after the power cycle and it should be there.  There are TWO THINGS YOU  MUST DO before you can use your PLEX correctly.  1) Adjust the default settings to the recommended settings. 2) Set Your PLEX PINS.


Plex has a default set of settings, however, there are FOUR very important settings you need to adjust and/or confirm in order for your library to properly play on your device.  1) Change the default Streaming Services.  Most people don’t this video and try to set up their Plex themselves, and they always end up clicking off most/all the suggested “streaming services”, but in reality, you don’t want any of them.  So first thing you need to do, is go to EXPERIENCE / STREAMING SERVICE and un-select all the service options.  You don’t want ANY of them.  2) Scroll down the VIDEO QUALITY row of options and make confirm you have HOME Streaming and REMOTE Streaming options set to MAXIMUM and/or ORIGINAL (different operating systems use different language there).  Also, make sure QUALITY SUGGESTIONS is OFF and ADJUST AUTOMATICALLY is OFF.  If either of those two is on, your device will attempt to Transcode Content, which isn’t allowed, and will result in a Fail to Play.  3.) Audio Settings needs to be set to MAXIMUM and/or ORIGINAL.  4.) On the ADVANCED row of settings, need to adjust ALLOW INSECURE CONNECTIONS to ALWAYS.  You need to allow them, many TVs and Devices can’t do SSL connections, also, you want RESOLUTION SWITCHING to off.  Don’t let it automatically try to TRANSCODE that will result in a Fail to Play error.


The last thing before you start really using PLEX is to set your PINS and REORDER the Folders.  On the left side menu, go to the three vertical dots to the left of a displayed folder and either PIN or UNPIN that folder, depending on whether or not you want it displayed on the home page.  It is recommended to UNPIN all the default choices..  Live TV, Movies & TV Shows, Music.  PIN all the recommended choices.. Playlists, Watchlists, Movies, TV Shows, 4K Movies, 4K TV Shows.  Kids TV, Anime, Racing PPV & UFC/WWE are options for your determination.  See the Video Below for more a Step-by-Step summary.